one of my favorite soups. this one wasn't my best work, but still good.

also, the young miguel that i mention in the post that this links to is currently battling a brain tumor. he is staying strong and doing well, but please send some love and good wishes into the world for him and his family.


panama street

the prettiest street in philadelphia


snake gourd

it is about 3 feet long and really does look like a snake. i love the marbling.


mikey the dog riding mikey the horse

drawn by the now-three babe in the photo above it


soup season

i started it off right with some quick-n-easy posole. nothing like the real thing (and for me, the "real thing" is my friend nancy's - simply the best!) but still great. the key for me is tons of lime and warmed corn tortillas for dipping.

this cooking light recipe is very similar to what i made, though i cooked my own cuminy chicken, didn't add celery and used TJ's salsa verde instead of tomatillos.


show me your paws

my bff and i won tickets to see lady gaga a few weeks ago. it was super fun to see all the little monsters dressed up in gaga looks - they really went all out. meanwhile, we dressed as our normal old lady selves (i think we were the only gals wearing pants in the whole place) and said things like "GREAT, now I'm going to smell like smoke! UGH!". gaga ooo la la.

PS: she did sing my favorite song of hers - is it me or is it not the best summertime song? not sure why this one wasn't a hit.


three babies

my brother, sister and i

(been awhile since you listened to sinead, right?)


love is all around

love notes on a neighbor's door


just call me kimber

because i'm straight hologramin! nobody needs to see my hands so close up but how great is this nail polish?!
(don't front - you know kimber was the backbone of the holograms.)


golden corn salad with fresh basil

DA BOMB! i made this for friends recently and we were all in love - so good!
...from cooking light


the last from the lake

you've seen one of these things before!


redwood lodge

we stayed in a house called redwood lodge at the lake. despite being "rustic" (you could see the outside through the wood plank walls) and having a feel that made me keep my shoes on the entire time, it was pretty cute.


the lake

the only vacation i took this summer was to lake moraine in hamilton, ny. despite an emergency trip to the vet and the fact that we were there to celebrate an annual family seafood fest (vom), it was amazing!


can't stop

i kinda had a peach-n-pepperjack quesadilla three nights in a row. super super good.





i had some frozen computer downtime at work recently and decided to test out some nail polish samples.